We have know-hows accumulated through working for foreign consulting firms and knowledge acquired through developing new businesses and products at large enterprises and SMEs. We apply them in your project to help you earn a primary source of revenue.

Support for New Business Development

We support strategy formulation to implementation of the new business development.
Activities include following;
- planning and generating ideas for a new business;- assessing business feasibility;
- acting as an advisor for your investment commission;
- establishing business domestically and internationally; and
- providing support for formulating and implementing M&A strategies.

Some of our major achievements in this area are:
- Support for establishing new businesses (healthcare companies, precision equipment manufacturers, energy companies, consumer products companies, and telecommunication companies);
- performing a business diagnosis for energy companies and electric companies;
- Support for planning new businesses (industry goods manufactures and precision equipment manufacturers); and
- Support for establishing new health services in solidarity with local government.

Support for New Product Development

Our specialized consultants have a rich experience in developing products that will lead to sales. They will work with your company’s project team to help you: generate ideas, screen, develop a concept and conduct a concept test, develop a business model, plan marketing strategies, develop products, conduct marketing tests, and achieve product commercialization.

Some of our major achievements in this area are:
- Support for developing new products (consumer products companies and credit card companies); and
- Development and selling of new consumer products and food and drink products.

Policy Consulting

We provide you with support for: planning and proposing public policy related matters, conducting survey and analysis, and organizing and analyzing policy information.

Some of our major achievements in this area are:
- Support for medical-related policies,
- Support for formulating science and technology strategies, and
- Support for lobbying activities.

Advising Service (Outside director / Consultant / Advisor)

Leonessa Co., Ltd. also provides a business advising service. Yukari Carrie Akiyama, the CEO of our company has experience in working for GE International and IBM Japan as a business development executive and will serve as your company’s outside director, consultant, or advisor.

Through the form of advice, Carrie Akiyama will transfer the know-hows of business development, act as an outside mentor to promote women in the workplace, and provide a consulting service regarding general management to the president of your company.

Some of our major achievements in this area are:
- Director of an IT venture enterprise
- Advisor for an Internet community service company
- Advisor for a property development company